4 Popsicle Stick Toys

1-Beaded Popsicle Stick Snail

Snail crafts are a fun way to get your kid interested in all creatures, great and small (especially small).
The Beaded Popsicle Stick Snail is a quick DIY kids’ craft that’s doable for both younger and older age groups. This is a great craft to try after a nature walk or a trip to the zoo. You can make the beaded snail shell with earthy wooden beads, or get creative with colorful pony beads. All the kids will have to do is string them to a pipe cleaner and add some glue and a Popsicle stick. You can even make a whole family of little snails to keep each other company!
– Wooden scoop stick
– brown pipe cleaners
– Wood beads
– Small googly eyes
– Glue
– Hot glue gun (adult supervision required)


  • 1 – Start by threading one of your brown pipe cleaners with wooden beads.

  • 2 – Curl the end of your pipe cleaner to form a circle and wrap the extra pipe cleaner section around the beaded strand to secure it in place. Continue curling and bending the beaded strand around in circles to
    form a snail shell

  • 3 – When you get to the end you’ll have the extra pipe cleaner section from the other end showing. Wrap it around the beaded pipe cleaner to secure it and hold the beaded snail body in place.

  • 4 – Use the hot glue gun (adult supervision required) to glue your beaded snail body onto the scoop stick.
  • 5 – Cut a small section off of your other brown pipe cleaner (about ¼ of it) and bend it in half. Curl the ends to make antennae, and then, use the hot glue gun to glue it to the back of the scoop stick at the front.
  • 6 – Finish your snail craft by gluing a small googly eye onto its face and add a smile if you’d like it!

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