Basics Your child should know up to four years.

A brief Latin American study published by the Onyx Child Knowledge Center, run by the Latin American Education Organization, said information about children should be age-appropriate. It is not possible to try to teach things at the age of 4 for a 2-year-old. However, people, especially families with young children, evaluate information about their children every year, which may explain the child’s inability to absorb much of the information they receive. Narrow space of time. A biennial assessment means that there is more time to help the child assimilate more deeply the information they receive. The second year, then the fourth year of life, is one of the most important steps in determining the future of your child’s mental absorption. On this basis, the child’s level of mental absorption can be determined as a straight line in the later stages of his life. Any delinquency in this line must be noted to see what is happening, not necessarily that the child has retreated to his mental level, but there may be other psychological or organic reasons temporarily affecting his mental capacity to absorb. To be sure, remember:

The basics that a child should know
1- First, his name and age are clearly and correctly stated.

2 – Speak between 250 and 500 words of his or her native language and 40 words of another language if the parents teach them to the child.

3 – To know the answer to the simple questions: Are you in good health? Do you like your parents? How many brothers or sisters with you? What is the best meal you have?

4 – to speak a useful sentence of five or six words without interruption.

5 – to pronounce the words clearly without a defect in the pronunciation.

6- That he can tell short and simple stories.

7 – To know the pen properly and write his name.

8- Know the dates of eating meals.

9 – To know how to salute others.

10 – Put his own things in the right places.

11 – Wear his own shoes and outer clothes (jacket and shirt).

12 – Getting used to getting up to school easily.

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